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Originally Posted by Jadey View Post
Unfortunately you are unlikely to get that information anywhere before you'll get it from RIM - RIM are notoriously "quiet" about their major infrastructure outages. Most levels of t-support customers do not even get direct notifications. I have tried calling RIM t-support in the past, and the most info I get on T2 is "we are working on it". There are customers with a higher level of access to info with RIM, but many are bound by NDAs.

Bottom line - this site is not owned or affiliated with RIM. Until they release an official statement, we would all just be guessing what is wrong/why RIM have had 2 significant EMEA outages in past few weeks/whether it will happen again soon.
Fine and agreed we are all waiting on a word from RIM.

Also BES 5 high availability is not really relevant here. You can have as many HA configs as possible, but when the SRP link is down, it is game over.
I do not think I said that BES 5 was the problem and pointed to the deeper problem of the SRP link being down. So totally agree with you here.

I think you understand the fear/worry here. Blackberry is the best out there when it comes to large corporates and security/stability minded customers. But RIM have gone consumer in the last 6 months. Many of RIMs customers are desperate to know if they have sacrificed on quality to get the numbers in. WES2009 was all about restoring confidence in my view and I am very impressed with BES 5 and HA. But now it seems the real problems are somewhere else entirely- with RIMs infrastructure itself. RIM need to make a statement and they need to bring reassurance with it that they are investigating the actual issues and have solutions for them.

Mobile communications is the future but when these kinds of outages occur the confidence of those who want to start utilising this platform to improve, accelerate, localise and enrich their business processes is damaged. It's important that RIM do not simply shrug this off or dismiss it as being of no consequence but rather get the problem fixed.
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