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Originally Posted by skyman84 View Post
After you've taken your chill pill. We'll chat!

AFAIK the issues last week, and this one this morning are unrelated, but I've been known to be wrong in the past.

Well, yes is the answer, most ppl were asleep, the issue started aprox 6am GMT and resolved by 9am GMT, bearing in mind most of the users in this forum are in the US A) they weren't effected (unless their BES is in the EMEA) and B) it was 1am over there.

As for us UK and EMEA users, there was little down time (well, 3 hours, which in my mind is not horrific). I'm not sure how much it's effected you, but of my 3,400 users, I have no calls about it!

Well, that would be a job for RIM, give em a call, I'm sure they'd love to hear your comments.

This site is not in any way related to RIM, and it just a place for fans, users, admins, and experts to join together and share experiences and knowledge.

Yeah, WES did focus very strongly on HA, however that's all on the client side, making sure if the client/admin messes up, then there's a failover to cover everything, unfortunaly RIM don't let many ppl poke around in their systems, so we can't tell you what kind of fallover they have.

I'm not sure RIM will, but I'm sure they're trying!!
Drugs and drink don't work for me so I will pass on the chill pill. But take your point - get some perspective man!!! - it was not that long an outage and there were other reasons why I did not get that mail at 1am this morning!

Still - quickly sobering up and getting back to fear (Oh #### maybe my Blackberry is not perfect yet), anxiety (cause there is too much at stake here for RIM to #### this up) and desperate for an answer mode I do want that conversation with RIM!!!
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