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Originally Posted by Jase88
It was in the news yesterday that the final patent was struck down by the patent office. Of course NTP can appeal--and I'm sure they will. But this development puts pressure on NTP to settle...which is what everyone (including NTP) wants to do anyway...
There is an appeals process for the patent office just like there is one for the courts. RIMM is not the only one that can drag this thing out. Preliminary decisions by the patent office have no bearing on this case as it was decided back when the patents were enforceable.

"In his ruling last week, Virginia Judge James R. Spencer said he couldn't wait for the belabored Patent Office process and would consider shutting down the BlackBerry service in the United States"

All the pressure is on RIMM to settle, not NTP. RIMM is losing millions in legal fees ($6 million last quarter, if I remember correctly), this is public relations nightmare and they are going to see sales slow as people look for alternative solutions

All tha being said, I don't see BB service being shut down. Does no good for RIMM or NTP. The damage has already been done with news reports coming out of companies looking for alternatives. While they may not need to use these contingency plans, the fact that they seeing alternative solutions should be troubling to RIMM.

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