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Not sure how your previous phone worked. Or if the Q1 works like the V1 does. I think it does. I had similar problems when I first got my V1. But, it was operator error. I thought when I clicked the headset one time and the voice said "Say a Command" I must say "Phone Commands", then tell it what I wanted to dial. It didn't work well. What I didn't understand, was that by saying "Phone Commands", I was now using the phones built in voice dialer, not the V1's.

I then realized that after I clicked once and the voice said "Say a Command", I just needed to say the commands for whichever of the 9 speed dials I wanted to dial. The phone took me thru a training or Teach Me trial on this, so it good here my voice cadence (I think).

However, you may already know all this. If so, sorry. But, just in case I thought I would give you my learning experience. The headset is working great, and as long as I speak at a consistent tempo, it is perfect on my voice recognition.

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