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Default Long Time Berry user gets an 8900!

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Ok, so I decided yesterday to go pick up a new 8900 Curve. Now I've had my share of Rim devices over the last 6 or 7 yrs, and was most recently using a Bold up until yesterday. My reason for switching was pretty simple, 3G on at&t is just unbearable. Now before I tear into at&t's 3G network, I do have to say that it is improving as of late, but not enough to deal with the number of dropped calls I get in a day. Web speed is great on 3G, but only when it works. So that's pretty much why I decided to roll with the EDGE speed 8900.

After 1 day of use, I must say that this device is Great! A little on the small side, but after playing with it for a day, I've pretty much adapted to the difference in size moving from the Bold. As far as looks go, this is Rims nicest device in my opinion, it's super sexy, and the form factor is sick! Screen resolution is right on par with the Bold, maybe a little bit crisper when viewing the web and what not. Over all just a real nice feel!

Now as far as call quality goes, I'll go on record by saying this is just about the clearest, loudest Blackberry that I've ever used. The reigning champ to me was my 8800 a few yrs back, well that Belt has gone to another Champ. at&t's 8900 owns all previous contenders in that department. While the previous Curve, and even the Bold were all ok, this is just light yrs ahead in my opinion. As far as EDGE goes while using the web, I'll take it over at&t's 3G at this moment, maybe a 3 second difference when loading a page. I tested then both side by side, and depending upon 3G coverage, EDGE either beats it, or Losses by a few seconds. Like I said I'll take EDGE at this moment in time.

The camera is hands down the best that Rim has out right now! Blows the Bold away, just a pleasure to use when taking a picture. All the shots I took are crisp, and filled with beautiful color. The Video recorder is pretty good also I might add.

Build quality is Good, not great, but much better then the previous Curve models. From what I've been reading, the Tour and even the Onyx are going to be tanks! Which means Rim has been listening, and is going to start using some better quality material when building there future models. But this 8900 will do just fine at the moment.

Over all ,I'm very impressed, and really liking this device right now! I must admit, I did miss my Bold yesterday! But after a full day of use yesterday, and today, I'm totally loving the 8900! As of now, I'm making this my every day device. It's that good folks!

So there ya have it, my take on the 8900! I'd definitely recommend this device to any Blackberry user out there.
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