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So after a few days with the 8900, I must say I'm pretty happy! Overall A very good device. However, like always, there are some down falls that I'm realizing. In no particular order here they are ------->

1: Battery- The battery is nowhere near being in the same league as either the the previous Curve or better yet the 8800 which IMO was the best battery to ever power up a Blackberry. To be Honest, I get more time out of my 3G Bold...Hmmm?

2: Navigating and Switching from app to app: For some reason the 8900 is not as responsive as the Bold. There is just a slight hint of lag time when using the device.

3: Build Quality: For any of you that know me on the forum, you'll know I'm big on Build Quality! Hey, if ya pay for it, it better be worth it. I'll say first that the unit is built ok, but not anywhere near the Bold, or Even the Storm! Some what better then the model it replaces, but IMO it should be lite years ahead of the previous Curve. And it's really not! The Battery door gets loose after a few days, the squishy rubber is still alive and well, and seems to carry over from the 8300 serious. Over all I just think they could have did a better job, Parts being flush and what not. Now in no way is this a deal breaker to some people, but to me, Build quality is. I'll just go on record and say the BOLD is the best built Blackberry to date.

4: EDGE, EDGE, EDGE, where have you gone? Ok it's apparent that at&t is seriously phasing out EDGE. Reason I say this, My original 8700, 8800, 8300, Pearl- all ran on edge without hardly any hiccups at all, especially the later models. However, after a few days of getting used to it again, I'll say this, EDGE is much slower then it was previously! This is all on purpose by at&t, they are cutting back on EDGE service as I type this. Very Very soon, they will be fully devoted to 3G, and eventually 4G down the line. My question is this, why on earth release this 8900 then? Why not just wait for the ONYX to drop (Which is soon I hear). Honest, my coverage is not nearly as good as it was with my previous Berries running on EDGE.

So what to do?

To be honest, I'm keepin it! The device is good enough to keep and use on the weekends or for a night out when I don't need the bigger more powerful BOLD. These are just my gripes and opinion on the device. But to be fair, a lot of people will be very happy with this being there every day device, I'm just looking and waiting patiently for the perfect Berry. A la ONYX....Hopefully very soooooon!
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