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Onyx is a low end BB Curve-like unit with an optical trackpad vs the trackball. Looks like a niche product aimed a tad lower than the Bold/8900/Storm high end BBs. It's been my impression that the ATT 3g network has problems in a lot of places. In Phx my iPhone pals wanna throw the thing sometimes. I've heard that if you're on ATT at an NFL football game you can forget about calling. When I was considering the Bold last fall I was only gonna buy a Rogers unlocked so I could switch it to 2g only (I don't have 3g where I live anyway). I have found Tmob network to be good. I don't think I've ever dropped a call. I think the Verizon network is excellent and I wanted to like the Storm so bad I could taste it last fall. But I couldn't like it and I'm glad I didn't talk myself into it. I tried.
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