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Default I don’t want to go on a rant but…..

I have to weigh in,

I don’t want to go on a rant here….. But …. Seriously how can anyone justify it all – I mean really what kind of a messed up world is it that somebody is able to ask 450 Million dollars for some idea that they did squat for! Think back to when this was being patented – you could get 75 bionic men for that kind of dough – remember the “six million” dollar man – I mean this is some serious coin people!!! My head spins when I think of how crazy this is – imagine if you are Mike Lazaridis and you are sitting around the dinner table with your kids and you had to explain this – I mean really complete lunacy – “Well you see there was this guy and he thought of sending something that had been around for ohhhhh 15 years already!!! – and well he thought it would be cool to send it to a pager and that is worth one BILLION dollars”. Do NTP put their little pinky beside the corner of their mouth when they say that – “I want one BILLION DOLLARS!” This whole thing makes me want to puke!!! When the US government is offering up 50 Million for public enemy number one – Osama – and these jokers at NTP think they are entitled to one Billion – it is seriously sick! Think about it RIM has to make way more than one Billion dollars in profit over the next couple years to justify a payout like that – I hope they roast in hell those NTP’ers.

I hope that the patents get thrown out and those blood-sucking-pieces-of-dog’ends NTP end up with a big fat zero and a whole lot of heart burn.

But hey that is only my two cents!



Originally Posted by rsgalloway
Couldn't agree with paulfr2 more. What this amounts to is another case of bureaucracy out of control.
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