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Default Outlook-Updates to existing Calendar and Contact not syncing correctly - two PC's

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My setup is two PC's (one at work, one at home), one BB. Both PC's Outlook are Outlook 2003, SP3. I do not use BES. I sync my BB to both PCs.

I have experiencing specific issues where updates to existing Outlook Calendar (mtg notes) and Contact (contact notes) are not being sync'd from one PC to the next PC (via my BB device - Sprint Curve 8330 running OS v4.5.0.131). I sync PC's to my BB using BB Desktop Mgr (v4.7) and USB cable.

Here are specific details of what I am doing to duplicate the issues.

1) Calendar:
I have been away from work the past two days. In that time, I have updated two (2) calendar items at my PC at home - both items are at my work PC as well.

Item one: I moved the date from Wed to Thurs, and added a note - done from home PC
Item two: I changed the description of the meeting, and shortened appt from 3 hrs to two hrs - done from home PC

Both items sync OK with my BB

Upon coming to work this morning, neither sync'd to my work PC. I finally did the following:

Item one: I deleted from Desktop Outlook, opened in BB put a space in the meeting description saved.
Item two: Opened on BB, put a space in the meeting description saved.

UPDATE: I just tested again with another existing Calendar entry update issue example - the key here is as long as the entry is saved on the BB device, it WILL fix the sync issue with the second PC/computer. So, on this example, I entered a space in the description, deleted the space, then saved.

Upon resyncing, here is what happened

Item one: Sync Mgr noticed conflict of deleting from PC and changed in BB. I chose to copy item to PC. This results in syncing correctly to PC
Item two: Sync'd to PC correctly.

Something is NOT right. The sync process did NOT recognize these two items that changed until I manually intervened (re-saving (with an update) on the BB device first).

2) Contact:
I ran a test today where on my work PC, I added a comment into one contact's note. I successfully sync'd that contact note to my BB. However, when I sync the BB with my home PC, that note did NOT make it to the home PC.

I opened the contact (in edit mode) on my BB, inserted a space to the contact's name, erased the space, and saved the contact.

I then sync'd the BB to the home PC again. This time, success - the contact's note got sync'd to the home PC.


I have seen this sort of thing a few times before (where sync did not sync a Calendar event/mtg correctly) in the past three months or so I owned my BB - but this is the first time I decided to actually test out the fix. This is the first time I noticed with a contact (maybe b/c i do not look at my Contacts updates as closely as I do my Calendar mtgs updates)

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