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Talking Is it ok to use a Bold w/out Data plan and still live to tell about it? You betcha!!

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First off, i used to own a BB 8700g when it first came out with full BIS a few years ago. I then switched to the Curve 8320 also with a BIS plan. So I definitely understand the importance of a data plan.

Now, I've heard it all before. "Why waste good money on a bold if you won't use it to it's fullest" and "A BB without data plan is like a..(insert analogy here)". I understand that there are a lot of BB devotees around, but there are also those who simply love the "non-data" characteristics of the Bold (killer organizer, gorgeous screen, media player, camera, GPS, Wi-fi, awesome keyboard, robust OS, and access to tons of free and paid apps.

So, again I think many in the BB community are being a bit hard on the "casual user" out there. And yes, I am aware this topic has been covered a thousand times.

So what can one do with a new unlocked Blackberry Bold? First off:

- Your new Bold WILL function without a SIM card inserted contrary to what others have mentioned. You will have full access to the media player, calendar, clock, etc. In fact everything but making calls and receiving BB emails of course.

- Secondly, and most importantly, WI-FI DEFINITELY ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY WORKS RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX. Just make sure to go through the Wi-fi setup during initial startup of the new device. There was only one instance where during an adventurous poking around some settings, I lost wi-fi connectivity. I simply reset my device and found out that it wouldn't connect. After a quick reset of my home router, my BB picked up the signal and I was back in business. Personally, I own an Unlocked At&t Bold which I purchased from an online electronics store. I don't know what the At&T reps do to block all the wi-fi goodness before you walk out the door. I am either at my college campus, starbucks, or my apartment: AND ALL THREE HAVE WI-FI. I therefore cannot justify a data plan (Yes, email senders will understand if I don't reply to their messages 0.3 secs after reading them).

- Thirdly, my prepaid T-mobile sim card works on the bold (obviously since it's unlocked).

Some notable apps that I use daily are Beejive (an IM client) and Yatca (a twitter client). Both of these apps are integrated into blackberrys alert system so when I get a "tweet" or an IM message (yahoo, gtalk, and msn), I get a sound alert and the red led flashes. Another cool thing about these two apps is that all messages show up in the Blackberry's email message application too. Others are iHeartRadio and Slacker.

All the apps I've listed work over the Bolds Wi-fi so no problem if you don't have a data plan. However other apps definitely require a data plan to work.

I hope this will give many potential Bold owners an idea of what to expect with an unlocked blackberry. At least until they do decide to get a data plan. Oh, and the BLACKBERRY BOLD ROCKS!! I've owned both the iphone and iphone 3G and none of them compare to the bold.