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Originally Posted by dankarlinski View Post
Wirelessly posted (MY 8900)

This is true. But if you just use wifi, that takes half the fun away as well as almost all of ythe function.

If you are browsing on wifi, it would be just as easy to pull out a laptop or netbook and just use that

Agreed. I never said Wi-fi is a substitute for a data plan. I was merely pointing out that a Bold w/out a data plan is not "useless" as many in this community seem to think. At some point in the future, the user might feel that they actually do need a data plan and will then sign-up for one. The key word is "choice".

If RIM released the Bold without a Wi-fi feature, I guarantee that a lot of you would have opted for the storm or 8900. Another thing is, people with a data plan almost never use wifi. It's just a force of habit I guess. I know that's what I did with my iphone and 8320.