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Originally Posted by TotalTech View Post
Wirelessly posted (VZW Storm, ATT Bold)

The bold on ATT is 3g isn't it? The processor is one of the fastest I've used on a BB and it does support mms. Both have gps both have media players one has a really qwerty keyboard one is touch screen. And the iPhone has no replacable battery.

How well will the cut and past work? How well will the landscape keyboard work? It will be a mad rush those first days for the iPhone I'd recommend going and touching both.

The iPhone does have a ton of apps most are just ehh but some are useful.

Bottom line will be your preference
I agree with this. It is preference. I support Blackberry devices at my place of work but I carry an iPhone for personal use. I can type much faster on my iPhone then on a full qwerty BB device.

People also forget that the BlackBerry is a smartphone and works great for that. The iPhone is more or less a Computer. I make calls, Surf, Text use GPS, dock it in my car and play music, Remote control iTunes in my house, stream video to the net etc etc. Battery life is not going to be the same as the iPhone has way more horsepower.

I work to live, not live for work.
iPhone for living
BlackBerry for working
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