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Originally Posted by psyct1 View Post
iPhone upgrade is free, only iPod touch you need to pay for but, its only $10...
$ 10 is a lot to ask to 'upgrade' a mobile device OS, especially when all other competitors aren't charging a dime.....

Originally Posted by psyct1 View Post
what about all the updates of windows OS's that cost roughly $90...
what are you referring to that costs $ 90 ? a computer is not a mobile phone or mp3 player. Upgrading an OS for computer platforms needs more R&D than the scaled-down, easy to write for mobile platforms like phones and mp3 players. it's going to be a while before any mobile device smaller than 7"x4" can be called a desktop replacement.

Originally Posted by psyct1 View Post
Mac OS X Snow Leopard is only gonna be $29 to upgrade from Leopard
i respect your line of work for the fact that you put yourself in harms way for a cause, but the administration and decision makers which are the ppl that ordered you over there are less than righteous with money-driven motives as a priority over peace and life.....but at least they know how to compensate their soldiers: an S4, a bold, a mac, etc....all with steep discounts i bet. so what's $ 29 in that case ?

with regard to apple products, spend all your money on them if you like. in the end an apple product is a loss bigger than most other tech products i would consider buying. this is because you will A: lose interest in a short period of time, and B: they will update something in less than 6 months and you will feel like you just spend a whole bunch of money on something that no one's raving about anymore.
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