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Originally Posted by zero7404 View Post
altho ubuntu and other flavors of linux are not on the cutting edge, they are pretty darn close. the reasons they have not been popular with most home users is because the code needed to decrypt or decode modern dvd and blu-ray movies rests in the hands of studios that would rather die than give the source-code out. therefore, getting dvd's to play back was a problem back in the early years of ubuntu. eventually the encryption was cracked and now dvd playback is no problem (yet frame rates and resolution requires a little work to get everything smooth and fluid during playback). again in recent years linux distros are not able to play blu-ray discs easily because of the new encryptions and standards. but once managed copy hits the market, i'm sure someone will figure out how to play blu-ray movies in linux.
This is the root of why I just can't use Linux in any serious capacity. Linux relies too much on random people figuring things out or cracking codes. And then, it still requires me as the end user to tweak and modify things just to get them working. I don't want my operating system to be that flakey, or that easily foiled, or that slow to develop. This is one of the big reasons I switched to Mac. I haven't thought about tweaking my computer in two years, and it is very liberating.

I understand that people enjoy that sort of thing, and therefore Linux is a serious options for them, and I wouldn't knock that. It's just not for me for the same reasons it is perfect for someone else.

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