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Originally Posted by zero7404 View Post
boot camp i hear is cool. but most linux desktop platforms come with GRUB, which i configured the way i like so that i can autostart any OS i have installed upon bootup.....GRUB can also be installed stand-alone, so you can probably replace bootcamp with GRUB and install the real thing (XP) on a clean partition on your system. that way you don't deal with the virtual machine style lags and hickups and limitations in hardware support.

so i first had windows vista running on my system, then i partitioned up and installed ubuntu too. even got both OS's to play nice with my storage HDD, so i only need to have one copy of a music file or document or movie and grab it from the drive no matter which OS i'm loaded in.

since i shelled probably about $ 500-700 to date in windows software just for my current machine (which is only 1 yr old), but able to get ubuntu to do 85% of what i do in windows for free and not have to worry about viruses or firewall software, then y should i keep paying to use windows....?

in the long run it makes sense since the lifetime windows user probably must spend close to $ 1000 over 5-7 years just for antivirus software.....that's almost a brand new set of tires for my weekender, u know ?
Bootcamp does essentially the same thing you describe with Grub. You cannot have more than on OS booted at the same time but, there is no lag at all... the only issue i have with bootcamp is windows cannot read Mac partitioned drives but, with a program called MacDrive that is corrected... i just read online that Snow Leopard's version of bootcamp will come with the windows HFS+ drivers to read Mac partitions...

Oh, and Mac cannot read NTFS drives without aftermarket software :( but, the software is free so, its all gravy... lol

I've been thinking about messing around with linux a bit, i just don't know ANYTHING about it...
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