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hmmm....normally I would say open the message with a red cross and see what the error message is.

I think this means that it's trying to activate against her account too:

{} Receiving packet from device, size=502, TransactionId=-148598339, Tag=-612510318, content type=OTAKEYGEN, cmd=0x3
[40000] (06/26 16:06:11.526):{0x1010} {} *** OTAKEYGEN *** Failed to get password for the ACTIVATION request.
[40000] (06/26 16:06:11.526):{0x1010} {} *** OTAKEYGEN *** sending ABORT_TRANSACTION, transID = 377138482
[40583] (06/26 16:06:11.526):{0x1010} {

but then this means he hasn't been activated...

[BIPP] Received status DELIVERED, Tag=1364
[40239] (06/26 16:06:39.495):{0x17F4} {} Still handled by desktop
[30160] (06/26 16:06:39.495):{0x17F4} {} GetDeviceId() did not return a PIN, PIN currently is not set for this user.
[40442] (06/26 16:06:39.495):{0x17F4}

That's very odd.

Are there any errors in the event log?
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