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Originally Posted by wabbit View Post
oh and yes if i waste hrs upon hrs of looking their probably is a hack, which i could care less. the device is a one way device which means from pc to device not from device to pc.
It's not a hack, its called YamiPod and it is an alternative iPod application for Mac, Windows and Linux. It is free and is a small download that allows you to manage music on your iPod as well as to directly download music to your computer from the iPod. A quick 10 seconds with Google and you would find this as well as other free and paid solutions that don't involve hacking anything. The iPod/iTunes has no direct ability to copy to the computer, but the doors aren't actually locked. You just need another application.

I'll take the iPod as it is because the limitation is placed on Apple by the record labels as part of the iTunes Music Store. The Internet and media capabilities of my 16GB iPod Touch absolutely smokes my Pearl. A modern OS. A real browser. Real IMAP email. A real MP3 player application. A real video player application. YouTube that works. Google Maps that works. More applications than can be named. Memory. Mobile iTunes Music Store. Did I mention memory?

I read all the stuff here about how people hate the iPhone/iPod Touch keyboard and the security (or lack there of) and the DRM and this and that. When I compare my Blackberry to my iPod Touch the ONLY advantage that my BB has is the phone call making thing. Push email doesn't matter to me. I can have it on my iPod, but don't. I have it on my Pearl and don't care. The advanced security doesn't matter to me. I own a small business, but my phone is more for entertainment than security.

I would still have an iPhone right now if it weren't locked in to the AT&T network. If Verizon had one I would jump in a heartbeat. I hope that Apple has had enough of AT&T and decides to make a CDMA/LTE varriant. If not then I will look to Android and see what that offers in the next 10 to 12 months. Until then, I carry my iPod Touch everywhere that I go.
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