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Originally Posted by skeevecr View Post

From reading some posts/blogs you would think that rim were on their last legs due to hardware and software that nobody wants rather than increasing their own sales at recession-defying speeds and the only way they could save themselves would be to throw out all their existing stuff.
I think RIM needs to be rethinking it's strategy now. Not because it it in bad shape, not by a long shot, but because if it continues to squeak out small incremental upgrades, it is going to lose market share to a multi-carrier Android type offering. If they wait until they are losing market share to start a redesign, we'll see another Palm - where the company basically collapses and has to scrap everything to rebuild itself. The way I see it there are 5 real OS' on the market:

Android (Google)
WebOS (Palm Pre)

Pretty much everyone forgets Symbian, but they have the largest market share. As a result of being forgotten, they get fewer apps built for them, and lose "mind share" even though they retain market share. Right now, if I were RIM, I would be worried about losing the mind share battle to WebOS and Android (I think they already lost it to Apple). They need to have successful launches that bring something new to the game that will make Apple, Palm and Google struggle for 6-12 months to catch up. That's the stuff that drives mind share and eventually market share.
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