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Again, I haven't used a Storm for more than a few minutes, but it seems like WebOS (and iPhone) got a few things really right that BB would have to make work on their touch screen devices. I'm not sure which of these BB got working:

Application switching - WebOS uses "cards" which users can easily swipe through to see what they have open.

Corrective typing - iPhone does a surprisingly decent job with this. If you go quickly and miss a character by one key, it usually compensates. I've been fiddling around with my iPod Touch and I'm starting to get fairly fast with it. Of course I prefer a real keyboard, but I can get by without one thanks to great built in support. I bet some application of SureType would help BB level this playing field.

Gesture support - can I swipe through emails to get to the next one? Can I do that with notes, web pages, voice recordings and all other applications? Does it feel like gesture support is part of the OS, or merely a different way to interact with it?

Developer connection - I have no idea what platform is easiest to develop for, but Apple is winning this one because of sheer mass right now. The BB App store is a step in the right direction, but it needs to be implemented much better (not use PayPal for one - it's unprofessional). BB needs to make developers want to develop for the BB and not the iPhone. Part of this is tied directly into the sexiness of a NEW OS.

The BB may be your round wheel - without room for improvement - but to many others, the BB OS is a flat tire that does not have the capabilities of the new kids on the block.
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