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Originally Posted by dualsub2006 View Post
The battery thing is not relevant to me at all. The battery is going to hold up for as long as you care to keep the phone. You are going to upgrade when your contract is up and the battery in the phone is going to hold up that long or more. You can also have the battery replaced if it were to begin to fail. My iPod Touch lasts as long today as it did when I bought it a year and a half ago. I am recharging my Pearl several times a day. I wouldn't have a problem with doing that with an iPhone.

The SD card slot is just a weak complaint. The iPhone comes in 8, 16 and 32GB sizes. The best that Blackberry can do is 16GB with an SD card that you have to pay for in addition to the device. Once you pay for the card you can't install apps on it so you are stuck with the meager size of the memory that RIM installs for apps and email storage. Please.

I've been a Blackberry user for since January of 2008 and as soon as I can I am moving to an iPhone. I hope to hear that Verizon is getting one and I will wait until March before I jump, but I will go to AT&T to have it. It does more of what I want and where the Pearl overlaps features the iPhone does it better. If that makes me a kid or a fad follower, then so be it.

For what I pay for a device and monthly service I want it to do the things the way that are best for me. Music, movies, videos, camea, storage, browsing, email and on and on and on.
rotflmao .....

SD card a weak complaint? Wow! I like to have an SD card and is a big thing with me because you can swap it from a device to another device or computer. You can use multiple SD cards with different files on them and switch them in an out. No memory card with just internal memory you can't, and that is inconvenient and does sux.

The iPhone you HAVE to use iTunes to download. With an SD card you can use just a computer to put the files on it and then use it in your device.

The battery lasting you the life of the device? Get real. One of my son's has already gone through a battery in his and had to send it in via Registered Certified Mail and insured to have the battery replaced at over $60 by the time you pay the postage and what have ya, let alone the down time he had to go through. Guess what he uses now? A BlackBerry Curve 8330 and loves it much moreso than he did with the iPhone.

Speaking from a working man's view and uses for work as well as personal use, an iPhone just doesn't cut it like a BlackBerry does.

One last thing, wait until the touch screen starts acting up on you and doing weird things, even freezing. This will happen in given time as does with ALL touch screen devices. Another thing I don't like nor do many people in the work place. How many people do you see Manager levels and up in businesses with an iPhone? None. BlackBerry devices are what are used.

Yes, iPhone is more a fad and fun device to use, but NOT a practical device or reliable device to use, especially in the work place. Been there, done it before.

As far as cut and paste ..... that's a joke too. Really!

Enjoy your iPhone and AT&T! Bah Bye! ;)
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