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Wirelessly posted

Originally Posted by leec81
Originally Posted by dualsub2006 View Post
I type a lot. A LOT. I would hardly consider myself a casual user. Now, I am on just an iPod Touch until March but if I am in WiFi range I use my iPod for everything except for (obviously) phone calls.

I guess that since i have laid my Blackberry aside except for when away from WiFi I must not be doing REAL work, but I get a lot more done with an iPod and a WiFi router than I do with a Blackberry.

And I was wrong (as were you) when I stated (as did you) that the iPhone doesn't multitask. It certainly does:

YouTube - Apple iPhone Video Demo

I'm sure you will say that the multitasking is weak, or that it is nothing that a Blackberry can't do but it DOES multitask.
Iphone can multitask? Have your music file opened, and texting is not really multitasking. I can have multi-email account running, and editing my documents at same time on the Blackberry. My co-worker has an Iphone and a Blackberry Bold. We travel few times a month together for conferences, and I have only seen him using the Iphone for games or music. I donít really care for playing games on a phone that much, but that opinion is available on Blackberry as well. If someone can afford it, then get both. Blackberry for business, and I guess Iphone for games, etc.
Actually, he was talking on the phone while sending an email and was web surfing. Then the music came back on.

You think that because your friend only listens to music and plays games that is all that can be done on an iPhone? Please.

I have multiple email accounts open in the background while editing office files in Quick Office every day. When I go from QO to mail and back again I pick up right where I left off.

Attempt to belittle all you like. Statements like the ones you just made prove that you don't actually know what you are talking about.
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