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Originally Posted by dualsub2006 View Post
Wirelessly posted

Actually, he was talking on the phone while sending an email and was web surfing. Then the music came back on.

You think that because your friend only listens to music and plays games that is all that can be done on an iPhone? Please.

I have multiple email accounts open in the background while editing office files in Quick Office every day. When I go from QO to mail and back again I pick up right where I left off.

Attempt to belittle all you like. Statements like the ones you just made prove that you don't actually know what you are talking about.

Well, I probably don't know enough about the Iphone.

But I had the pleasure playing with my co-worker's Iphone for a while, things I don’t like so far;
Drop calls-Probably not an Iphone issue.
Can’t remove the battery-so if the battery runs out on the plane, I am out of luck.
Text issue-I can’t sent pics or forward them.
White screen-I will get a white screen sometimes when I tried to close apps.
Emails—you can’t delete multi-emails, and for someone receiving at least 100 emails a day…you tried to delete them one at time for 365 days a year.

Come on, let’s be reasonable here. I know the drop call is not an Iphone issue, and AT&T does suck. My two biggest issues with this phone are battery and emails. For someone spending 6-10 days a month traveling and average use on the phone is around 4-5 hours a day. Battery becomes a big issue; I carry a replacement battery each time I go out! And I will say it again; no one in their right mind would delete emails one at time…well, you are able to delete emails from your computer if the server is IMAP (not pop).

And that white screen/black screen comes up, if I try to open up emails and reply while the music is running. That will require a reboot… Iphone looks nice. If I would have to use it as a business phone, then I might as well carry a mini laptop around and get more work done.
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