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Default browsercontentmanager problem

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I'm using a Verizon Storm, and I have downloaded the appropriate simulator.

Everything works like a dream on the simulator; I use ksoap to connect up and download the content to be stored locally, and then invoke my own httpconnectionwrapper to pass the local content to the browsercontentmanager and the html renders fine.

However, on the device it does not render; it steps through the same code and looks to me like it should render but nothing happens.

I'm using an unlocked Storm, could this have something to do with it? When stepping through the code in the thread that sets the browsercontent manager's content I see it try to set the content, throw no errors but afterwards when doing a watch on the browsercontentmanager's browsercontent it is always null.

try {
synchronized (Application.getEventLock())
fs._browserContentManager.setContent(connection, this, e);
System.out.println("The content of the web page has been set.");

} catch(Exception ex) {
System.out.println("problem setting the content of the web page!");
} finally {

No errors are thrown. I can see the html in the buffer of the connection, for some reason it is not getting set.

Anyone have any ideas? Is this because it's an unlocked phone?
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