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The problem and major flaw is RIM did not partition enough memory for the OS, Mail, SMS, Applications and etc. It all goes into this one small space.

There is no problem with saving media files, as they will go onto my 4GB memory card.

The biggest grip going around is the limited memory on the Bold. There is app world, but you really cannot download many of your favorite because there just is not any room.

When you find an app you want to use and enjoy you will have problems running some of them.

One example, I love Viigo and it downloads content to your phone. If you have loaded a few apps or if you are holding on to some email/SMS and etc there is very little room for this program to download content.

Viigo is aware of this, as they have been hearing from BB phone users saying they don't have the memory to handle the content. Viigo sent out a notice telling you how to limit the content you receive to save on memory.

Unfortunately, this is only one example of the flaw and how this phone is so limited due to poor memory allocating.

Again, I am not trying to be argumentative or anything like that, but there is no way around it, RIM did not think this out properly and it is a major flaw.

If you do not believe me that there are many, many unhappy users of this phone do a Google search about the memory problems with Bold. People just cannot believe that such a cool phone would be so limited and it is.

Again, that is just one example and I wish RIM would address this problem and tell us if there will be a fix in the future. They do not know they messed up, as they would not be putting more memory in coming phones. If they did not believe that, they would never go above 128MB on future phones.

My question is, will RIM be able to fix this with future OS updates or is it impossible being a hardware limitation?

I hope there will be answer coming from RIM on this.
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