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I actually left AT&T to go with Sprint because of the Palm Pre. I used it for a week, liked it, but missed all the things the BlackBerry does so well. If your primary communications focus is email/SMS, BlackBerry has no equal. The Pre is a nice multimedia device, great phone, super camera, and just plain fun to use. It's also got some fun iPhone-type features like gestures to expand/shrink a web page. I would expect nothing less though, because Jon Rubinstein came over from Apple specifically for the Pre and WebOS. The potential is huge, like Android, and it's something I want to keep an eye on.

But if you have to use that Pre keyboard to send 40 or 50 messages per day, some of them long-ish emails, you'll go insane. Compared to the Tour's spiffing keypad, the Pre is way off the pace.

Remember, the BlackBerry was designed with business users in mind. While the last couple of years have seen RIM push strong into the consumer sector, the principals behind the basic design remain business users and email. There will continue to be limitations of BlackBerrys, especially in multimedia. It seems like RIM added multimedia features almost as an afterthought, as if to say, "yeah, we have that too." The basic BlackBerry web browser is light-years behind the Palm Pre or iPhone. And the BlackBerry's camera is just starting to improve. But don't even THINK of making a comparison to a Nokia for camera quality!

My tour suffers none of the gripes you've found with yours. The battery door is snug on mine, actually better than my old Bold's. YMMV, but my Tour is tight.
I too would love WiFi, but this is a limitation of the carriers. And the next version of the Tour, due out next year (?) will have WiFi, at least on Sprint. Not much consolation for current Tour owners, but a ray of light for us CDMA users.
Coming from BlackBerrys before, the screen looks exactly like what I expected. Again, the design is purpose-driven, and that purpose is corporate use with an emphasis on email. And it's not a desktop or laptop replacement. BlackBerrys are supposed to be an extension of your desktop. I think RIM got it just right when they put a full keypad and screen together into a device the size of the current models. Expand either the keypad or screen and you have to shrink the other. Starting with the current dimensions as the industry norm, both the screen and keypad of the Tour are as near to ideal as possible.
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