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Ok, former hardcore Blackberry diehard here. I said I would never switch to the iphone, but the new 3GS sold me. Nevertheless, I now have some perspective after using both phones extensively :

One thing I would probably add to this review which I started writing a few weeks ago is ONE MAJOR DISADVANTAGE of the iPhone if you plan on using ActiveSync. When you reply to a message on your iPhone, Outlook only shows that the message has been read and the Outlook sent folder contains a copy of the sent message. This is really not suitable for someone like me who relies on their phone to send/reply to emails. It is difficult to remember whether I have sent emails or just read them by the end of the day so its a major inconvenience.

I have become addicted to the iPhone in many ways that I couldn't with the Curve, but this single ActiveSync issue could be a motivating reason to reconnect my Blackberry on a data plan (for emails) and use the iPhone for calls, Internet browsing, etc.

If anyone knows whether a solution has been found, then that would be incredibly helpful. Otherwise, switch phones are your own peril. The iPhone is a great device but it hasn't been able to match the Blackberry in the email area.
Hi there!
I currently own an iPhone 3G....
I was thinking in switching to a blackberry tour, but I haven't decided yet.... What do you advise me? Switch or keep the iPhone?.... My doubt is due to the fact that I have never worked with a BB, so I don't know what to expect :S

Thanks and sorry to bother
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