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Default BlackBerries, and Address Book Management....

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What a joke.

While I LOOOVE my new BlackBerry, RIM's Desktop Management software is THE biggest joke I've ever seen. I'm a software developer that's been writing code professionally since 1986, and this piece of crap software is a joke.

You mean I HAVE to sync with either Outlook or Yahoo to get my contacts in there? No. I have tons of Outlook contacts that are "email only", that I have no desire to have in my BB. Same thing even with Yahoo.

For my BB, I have a SELECT "set" of contacts I want stored in there. So you're (RIM) going to make me sync a bunch of contacts I have NO desire to be in there, in order to get the ones I *do* want in there? No thank you, RIM.

With my Palm, I could fire up my Desktop Manager and easily just edit the contacts and then sync it back up... no sweat.

What I ended up doing, is creating a new YAHOO account JUST for creating/syncing contacts with my BB. Works just fine, but there's no way I should have to do that.

And no, the ASCII Importer/Exporter isn't really an option either. I tried doing that, and editing the file with Excel. When I saved the file back, it didn't "keep" the double quotation marks around the fields that the BB had put in (you have to select that option in the "Choose the character that marks the beginning and the end of a field value", dialog box).

Even then... you can't select the "two way sync" option, you have to set it up the first time with the "one way FROM device", then change it back to "one way TO device"... what a pain.

No... RIM sucks when it comes to a Desktop Manager. Can't believe they are as "big" as they are, and don't have a PC-based application available that serves as the sync source in the event you don't want to use Outlook/Yahoo as your sync source.

</rant off>
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