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Originally Posted by JKringen View Post
Just wanted to vent on here about this Blackberry Storm 9530 I have. I know a few other people personally that have them and they all agree. The Storm is by far the worst phone I've ever had in my life....haha and I've had some pretty awful ones. First, the boot time. WTF!? 7 minutes to reboot...what could it possibly be doing!? And the sluggish interface is enough to drive me insane. I can't even count how many times I've hit the unlock key and it sits there and does nothing, so I hit it again, then suddenly it unlocks and then, re-locks. Ugh. Not to mention the countless times it's totally frozen up or rebooted on it's own as well. Last week, for a period of 4 days straight, the phone would completely lock up anytime I would get an incoming call, preventing me from answering it. Nice....and then it just started working again one day. I did the OS upgrade that they release and found almost no improvement at all. For a few days it seemed a little better, and then finally it returned to it's normal completely worthless & retarded self. I wonder if they actually test these phones and their OS' before releasing them? But in all seriousness, most days I feel like smashing the phone with a hammer, lighting it on fire, and running it over with a truck... =)
Well I understand that the phone can be a pain. I love my more than I hate it. If I recall the Storm was RIMís 3rd place top world seller. You should have no trouble selling it, if you donít want it anymore?
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