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This is off-topic in this thread, but...

Originally Posted by fortunado
I'm a first time BB user and bought the 8700 on Cingular. Bars none the best phone I've ever had (had treo 650,600,razr,nok8890,etc). But now with the threat of the injunction in Feb what will happen if it doesnt go RIM's way? I still have about 15 days to return it. Thx.
The injunction is a non-issue for users as far as I can tell. I wish this would be made more clear by RIM in the media, but this is my understanding:

- Modified non-infringing software is being made as a contingency in case of getting shut down.
- They would settle before letting their US market get shut down.

The only reason this procedure is taking so long is that RIM is fighting tooth and nail to prevent having to pay money to NTP. They're not going down without a fight, basically.