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Default Wifi problems, really shoddy, feel short-changed, feature not up to RIM standards

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Before anyone jumps down my throat for daring to criticise RIM on this forum, please understand that I am a big fan of the Blackberry, and will always be. I just have a problem with this one feature on my device, where I think I am being short-changed.

I am on my second Curve 8900 and have identical wi-fi problems with both. I notice dozens of people on this forum having the same difficulties. RIM cannot fail to be aware of these problems.

In brief, I can connect to a wi-fi network, whether open or password protected, but only very rarely can I get the green check (tick) and the bright wi-fi logo that indicates that I am connected to the Blackberry server through wi-fi.

I have tried everything that has been suggested to me, and lots more. I have a Blackberry data plan. I have switched to "hotspot browser" and back, battery pulls, absolutely everything -- and I still can't get my Blackberry to connect to the RIM server using wifi.

I feel cheated. I have a very clear understanding of wi-fi from using it on laptops and other devices, and here is what I thought I was getting when I bought my 8900:

* If I am within range of a wi-fi signal, I can connect to the Internet and anything connected to the Internet, such as the RIM server, where I have paid for a service.

* I will be able to use this wi-fi connection instead of using my slower (and, if roaming, costlier) EDGE connection from my mobile phone company.

* The wi-fi feature on my Blackberry is as important as any other feature, and should be as easy to use. It should be as easy to use wi-fi on my Blackberry as it is using a laptop -- just click and go.

* It is my choice whether to connect with ease using either wi-fi or using my mobile phone company's signal.

Instead, I have found it is impossible to rely on being able to connect to a wi-fi signal, even if I am sitting right beside it. Sometimes it connects, but most of the time it doesn't.

I find this unacceptable. RIM's engineers are among the most brilliant in the world. I simply cannot believe that they are incapable of building a one-click wi-fi feature.

Several years ago, I had an annoying Dell Axim handheld using the even more annoying Windows Mobile software -- but its wi-fi feature was infinitely better than the one on my new 8900, using OS v4.6.1.250.

Shame on RIM for this. Perhaps I am an unintelligent person who just cannot figure out how to get it to work, but if I am there are clearly many, many like me.

Surely it is time for RIM to build a proper wi-fi feature? Obviously the next step would be to build a VoIP app, or let Skype do it.

So, let the attacks on me begin from all of the very knowledgeable experts. But before you start dismissing what I'm saying, ask yourself two things:

(a) How many other people are there out there like me who just cannot get their wi-fi to work consistently and have simply given up and resigned themselves to paying high data roaming charges as a result?

(b) Is this seriously the best wi-fi for Blackberry that RIM's top engineers can come up with?

Best wishes to all, and special thanks to all those who over the past few months have tried to find solutions to the wi-fi problem -- I sincerely appreciate your efforts.


P.S. If there IS checklist I can work through (yes, I have searched, but in vain) any chance of a sticky?
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