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Originally Posted by djm2 View Post

Have you used the Desktop version of this program? It appears to be a nice "lite" version of project management that would be easier to use than MS Project, but I would rather have someone's take on the software.
Yes, I used the desktop and ppc version. If you check out the google group, MyLifeOrganized | Google Groups, they have some really knowledgeable people there.

As my work is project (date) oriented, and I never really got the whole GTD thing. I thought the desktop version was very good in laying out a job and tracking tasks. For my work, I was able to create a few templates and it was easy to just add a new project.

That said, it was kind of a trade off for me. MS Project does take more effort but not a lot more. The payoff is everyone can pretty much open a project file and, without getting into the details of perception vs reality, I can hand someone a gnatt chart they look at it and somewhat "read" it. With the pretty colors and links, they figure we must know what we're doing ;)

Looking at and understanding CPM and project scheduling is a lost art, at least from what I'm seeing. But that's a whole different discussion.

I thought the PPC version of MLO wasn't minimally useful. Back then I was using version 1 so things may have changed. They have (had) a fairly long trial period and it is definitely worth checking out. I may go back to it.

One last comment, I don't mix my day-to-day todo list with my project schedule. I've never found a program that can really do both well. todo list needs to be quick entry, I don't want to do a lot of searching/scrolling/field input as I'm usually writing my list as I'm walking through a job.

Regards-Michael G.

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