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Originally Posted by DaBlackberryBoy View Post
Didnt look like much wanted to or was going to happen with all the fires they started with TAS. So I have moved on to, yup, hosted exchange+MindBerry+PocketDay. I must say, no problems, missing or corrupt data - what a change . That's what I like!
I was thinking about hosted exchange but google is giving me just about everything I need for my "blackberry experience".

I used PocketDay from when it first came out but had problems with it in one version, maybe v3 or v4. The bugs just lingered for a long time and I moved on. I tried it again but with the today themes and programs like weatherbug, igoogle web page, I really don't see a need for me to use it. I didn't care for their tech support either.

As for RW, I too am a bit disappointed they seemed to have turned their philosophy from one where, as a user, it seemed we were in the development loop. They were much more responsive to suggestions and letting us know where the software was going. That said, I'm still using the products, not using tmx as much as I should, but I use idx on a regular basis. Both programs are rock solid, never ran into a bug and they are quick to fix problems such as updates for new versions of BB OS.

I have considered trying other software out there like evernote(?) that looks like you can embed photos in your notes. I snap shots with my BB all the time on job sites, it would be nice to have these embedded in a note. Just holding out hope RW has some big surprises to roll out soon.

Regards-Michael G.
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