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Originally Posted by mcswensen View Post
so if i understand you correctly the blackberry software is fully capable of updating the screen with the person i am talking to, its just that my faster superior carrier doesnt want that to happen so it is some sort of disabled?
No, you'll notice I chopped that part out when quoting you - I have no idea why the on screen display doesn't swap properly (I also find it annoying, but it's not the end of the world) so I didn't want to comment on that. I'd lean towards it being a software issue, but can't really say for sure.

I was talking about the call handling functions like conferencing, call waiting, etc.

With GSM and CDMA being two distinctly different technologies, they have different features and performance. CDMA is awesome for data and OK for voice where GSM is excellent for voice and not that great for data.

that doesnt make a whole lot of sense. it was my understanding that this was a device software issue. If it is not I stand apologetic and corrected. If it is a device issue then i will remain upset with RIM.

In any event thanks for the info.
No problem

can anyone confirm for me that this is a product of the "network" and not a bug in the device software?
For folks to be able to confirm this, you'll need to state the issue more clearly.

Is your concern what is being displayed on the screen? Or is it that you can't
"hit the berry key and join them together and have an instant three way call." ?

P.S. Not that I want to start the debate but jgb infers that my GSM carrier did not have solid coverage and that is false. There is NO differnece between AT&T and VERIZON coverages for my primary Area of Operation.
Coverage varies in different areas of the country, and the longest established carrier in each market usually has the best overall coverage in a given area. That being said, VZW is the 'incumbent' wireless carrier in the majority of the major US markets, and thus have better coverage.

Infact I have dropped more calls and heard more static (yes static) since i have switch to VZ.
If that's the case, why did you switch to VZW? The GSM carriers almost always have the better phones, and it'd be awesome if CDMA had a SIM style card so handset swaps would be a lot easier.

Personally, my biggest concern is network coverage, speed & reliability - the actual device is a close second. Out of curiosity - did you switch to VZW just for the 9630?
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