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Originally Posted by Smacca View Post
Well, I spoke too soon; it's back to grey, I'm afraid -- and I touched or did absolutely nothing. Oh well...

At this stage I'm seriously considering getting an iPhone or maybe a cheap android handset, just for when I'm travelling, because this is ridiculous. I wonder can you transfer all your contacts and files onto one of those?

I see there's a new OS for the Blackberry coming soon -- I've just downloaded a beta version marked 5.0.0 rel 285 -- does anyone have any idea whether this new OS might make my wi-fi work properly?

(By the way, should I ask that last question as a new post in the 'beta' section? I guess it would be relevant to both.)
No harm in trying the new OS. Make sure to manually back everything up.

I'm still thinking router - brand, settings, or OS. You've never said what kind of router, but have you tried searching this forum for that brand? Maybe someone with prior solutions.

One thing that shouldn't matter but may is using psk (WPA) security. I had terrible performance so I had to go to WEP security. It's terrible security but since I have no home network to protect, just the internet, I don't care. But it fixed my wifi problems with my 8320. This was a really old problem that later OS versions probably fixed.
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