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Now, to address this ass:

Originally Posted by Tragic View Post
Just try it out... anything any of these guys say is crap until you try it out first hand.
You have no idea who here has already used a Pre and still hated it, do you? Nope, you don't, but that won't stop you from spewing crap, now will it? Nah... didn't think so.

EVERY phone has had their share of issues, smart phones (especially the PRE) are under intense scrutiny & everyone has something to say. Its a matter of personal preference. Besides, Sprint (The only carrier of the PRE) has a 30 day return policy and the PRE has a 1 year manufacturer warranty that Sprint honors.
As I said earlier, someone was bound to excuse the phone, despite that Palm doesn't need issues right now, by making the argument that other phones have problems too.

Originally Posted by Tragic View Post
This is definately the wrong forum to ask about an non-blackbery phone. None of the replies will be from PRE owners that use and get the full experience... just from blackberry owners, many in which loath at the fact of using a different phone.
Really? So you know everyone here? Every single stinkin' person? You are either amazingly popular (doubt it), or a complete ass. I'm going to go ahead and assume the latter since I doubt you could convince me otherwise.

You're just gonna get the bad, rants and raves... all of which have been from stuff they read on the web, not by using it.
And the proof of this is what? How do you know that people here haven't used the Pre? Do you realize that there are people here that don't use BlackBerry devices? Nah... didn't think you knew that, or you would realize just how incredibly stupid your comments make you look.

You can call it an opinion... I call it crap. I don't think giving an opinion on a phone you don't use is relevant at all.

NJBlackberry - I didn't give my point of view or my opinion of the phone... I said "TRY IT YOURSELF." Thats the most useful tool for choosing a phone IMO
You're right. My bad. Funny, though, that while you say you didn't give your opinion of the phone, you did give your opinion of those of us that gave our opinion. And since you say that giving an opinion on something you know nothing about is not actually an opinion but is, in fact, crap, then that must mean that since you don't know me (or likely the others in this thread), then your opinion is, in fact, crap.

You really have your head screwed on wrong.

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