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The spam filters on BlackBerry work at the carrier level, not on the device itself. If you use the email address you get for free, that's the worst for spam. No filtering options at all for that. Most folks either don't use it at all, or like me, use it only for notifications from the carrier. The one cool feature of that email address is that it goes only to your BlackBerry, nowhere else. It's not even accessible anywhere else. So if you get something "sensitive" or "eyes only" then nobody else can come across it without physical access to your berry.

If you have a spam folder, then the system should learn to at least eliminate that particular address, but it may take several tries, depending on the filter's sophistication and/or sensitivity. And again, that's up to your carrier to implement.

I have my hotmail account on my BlackBerry and since training it to allow only mail from known contacts I get no spam sent. Only my inbox. The downside is that new email from somebody I want to hear from gets dumped at the Microsoft level into my spam folder. I need to scan through it a couple of times a week to make sure the crap is really all crap. Occasionally I find something from a non-spammer I want to grant access, so I use my computer to create the contact in hotmail itself. Then it gets through.

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