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BB 7290 w/Cingular

Nothing in this entire thread works. Cingular reps inform me that nothing will work without one of their 2 plans they offer. All I want is the same browsing capability as my cell phones have which is very minimal but enough for me. I also explored the part about adding the WIX lines and 2 reps told me that they all 3 cannot exist together that you only get the first 2 lines, they cancel each other out and it does not work.

Now I'm very confused because I see 10-15 different ways to set up a BB 7290 without a plan, but Cingular tells me it can't be done. Not the regular cust. serv. guys, but the BB specialists tell me this.

So what are my options here?
  1. Cingular Unlimited Plan (raises my bill by $50.00 (hardly worth that))
  2. Link2Exchange (one time setup fee of $40.00 then $19.99 per month (tons more features than Cingular))

Since the market is so limited and Cingular likes to rape it's customers, I guess I'll have to go with Link2Exchange. I'll post sometime next month and let you know how it went.

By the way, did I convey the fact that Cingular sucks?

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