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I'm bored, so I thought I'd point out some bits that I thought were particularly interesting:

Originally Posted by copster View Post
well look get up with the times and release the 5.0 already or get off your high horse and let it be installed without deleting it from every site that leaks it.
Yeah, you bastards at RIM! Stop cleaning up unauthorized releases of your software! How is a guy supposed to get a hold of this stuff ahead of the official release if you insist on cleaning up? Damn, yo! <- I threw that in there for emphasis.

there is no reason that someone should have to search so hard to find a blackberry software...
Um... it's not difficult to find BlackBerry software. Really. I promise.

this is bull s*^!.
Hey... we agree on something! Who would have thought it possible? Of course, I am willing to bet that we don't agree on what "this" is referring to.

there will never be a stop to this madness until we all boycott this action by blackberry.
Madness? Boycott? BlackBerry? By the way, you do realize that the company isn't called BlackBerry, right? Right? Or is your phone doing something that we should be boycotting?

i would hate to see one of the cooperate bastards at blackberry see the link and delete this post.
Yeah... cooperate bastards!

thank you for all who cares. please write if you are upset with the monopoly.
Monopoly? But I love that game. Why would I be upset with it?

Oh, and something to consider: almost everything I wrote is sarcastic in nature, with the exception of "I'm bored." I really am bored. And tired.

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