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Default NEWBIE with LoTs of BB questions like...

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I am currently on both Tmobile and Sprint networks but am looking to stay with Sprint and drop Tmobile because I don't need both services anymore. But I am also looking to get my first BlackBerry and am so confused as to which one? I do like the look of the new one with the trackpad on Tmobile but Sprint only offers the 2 with trackballs. So after researching online I am still unsure as to what the Tour will do that the Curve can't. Here are my details and questions:

I am a law student as well as a business owner so I need a good scheduler for both work and class.

I want to send in work through the internet for both as well.

I Twitter and FB a lot and need a good option for that.

I want something solid without glitches and am unsure if the Tour will be my best option in that field. I really can't afford not to be without my phone for days or weeks waiting on it to be fixed.

I do not want to have to charge my phone 2 or 3 times a day and from what I understand the RIM is great for that but don't know which is best.

If I do the Curve, am I gonna be missing anything major because for me, a free phone is so much better but BestBuy has the Tour on sale now so it is doable.

I guess I really am confused on the 2 phones even after comparing them. I know the Tour is better but is it really needed with what little I do? I mean I am a heavy emailer, moderate texter, low talker, heavy web browser.

I mean I have never gotten a BB because to me many people were wasting money just to be "trendy" but after over 12 years with a phone, I too feel that my touchphones and cute texting phones are not doing all I need. But I must admit, I still am unsure what all the available apps will do for me. I had a Palm and really never used the apps other then 411 or movie times, etc. But I am a cautious person and planner and like to here as much insight before making a decision so anyone willing to reply would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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