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Originally Posted by johnnyrichter View Post
Went in to my local Alltel store today to use the only upgrade currently available on my Alltel plan to get a newer phone...instantly noticed the Alltel store is now a Verizon store. No biggie, it was expected.

Me - "I'd like to redeem my available upgrade and get a new phone, really liking that Pearl Flip."

Alltel Customer Rep - "If you use this upgrade, you will have to pay 1200 in cancellation fees and be forced to make the switch to Verizon right now."

Me - "Huh? You're telling me I can't use MY upgrade unless I pay you over a grand???"

Him - "Yes, if you use it you automatically void your Alltel contract and have to pay us the cancellation fees for each line on that contract, and then you would have to switch to Verizon. Also, everyone on your plan will have to buy new Verizon phones, including you. Everyone on your plan will have to be here in person to get those phones, you won't be able to get them for anyone else on your plan."

Me - "Wow...keep the upgrade, I'm switching to another provider."

Does the above actually apply or was this guy just trying to take my money? The Verizon/Alltel merger promised a no-hassle merge, that we can keep our phones and our contracts and this? If this merger is forcing everyone on Alltel to switch and buy new phones, they're making a FORTUNE off of this shady business tactic.

So yeah...any other providers in the southwest missouri area that offer unlimited data so I can continue to tether to get online? No way I'm giving Verizon large sums of money just to pay a higher tethering cost than Alltel with monthly download caps. Screw that.
Yup - seems to be the way it is. I did the same thing. I am just going to let the contract die and find another carrier. The only really good thing right now about being on Alltel is that their unlimited data seems to be really unlimited.
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