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Originally Posted by MikeLip View Post
Yup - seems to be the way it is. I did the same thing. I am just going to let the contract die and find another carrier. The only really good thing right now about being on Alltel is that their unlimited data seems to be really unlimited.
Yup, it is actually unlimited. Verizon has a 5GB monthly cap, and I believe the tethering fee is more. The service being better or worse is a moot point because of this. One that tethers can easily reach that cap in a matter of days or less. I use my net mostly for gaming, e-mail and browsing...but there are times I need to download a HUGE game patch or something. Those months I will be seeing my internet cut-off until the next billing period, meaning no net during that time. What a waste considering how much I'd be paying for it.

The fact I like in a "black hole for internet" is really hurting me getting online. My only options are dial-up or tethering. I live 1-mile too far from city limits for DSL or Cable, the terrain botches the signal from a local wireless broadband provider, and satellite is out of the question because the latency completely ruins any chance of gaming. Tethering/cellular data has some latency, but it's not enough to cause any headaches.

Originally Posted by penguin3107 View Post
Are you sure you were in a Verizon CORPORATE store, and not some fly-by-night Verizon reseller?
Yes, it was an official Alltel store that is now an official Verizon store. Not one of those "Jim n' Bobs Cellular Solutions(an authorized Alltel/Verizon retailer)" stores.

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