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Default He's actually correct

Originally Posted by mcswensen View Post
so if i understand you correctly the blackberry software is fully capable of updating the screen with the person i am talking to, its just that my faster superior carrier doesnt want that to happen so it is some sort of disabled?

that doesnt make a whole lot of sense. it was my understanding that this was a device software issue. If it is not I stand apologetic and corrected. If it is a device issue then i will remain upset with RIM.

In any event thanks for the info.

can anyone confirm for me that this is a product of the "network" and not a bug in the device software?

P.S. Not that I want to start the debate but jgb infers that my GSM carrier did not have solid coverage and that is false. There is NO differnece between AT&T and VERIZON coverages for my primary Area of Operation. Infact I have dropped more calls and heard more static (yes static) since i have switch to VZ.

but again i am not trying to start fight.

Yes, it truly is the network. In terms of the technology, CDMA definitely has been around longer, but GSM is way more advanced in terms of call handling. CDMA networks (Verizon and Sprint) are pretty antiquated in how they handle call forwarding/call waiting/etc and rely on more traditional POTS phone DTMF sequences to program certain features.

Yet another reason why you have to dial #228 every so often too. You have to tell the network your phone needs an update. Bull crap!

Any GSM phone I have ever had does all this automatically...Blackberry, iPhone, etc. Doesn't matter.

The phone manufacturers get to call the shots in some areas, but the actual call handling/setup and tear down...that's all the carrier my friend.
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