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Originally Posted by keano View Post
Junior, how old are you, 12?
No. And I'm definitely not "junior" either. You?

Yes, I bent the pins by plugging in the charger. How else can you bend them?
So you did break it. Why are we going in circles here?

PLus, if you search you will see that there are other folks that this has happened to them. Plugging in a charger?
Yeah, and there are plenty more that aren't gorillas and break things just by trying to use them. I mean really, just how hard is it to put a USB cable into a USB socket? I suppose if I close my eyes while aiming for the USB port, plus use a hammer to make sure the plug is seated, then I might do some damage. But honestly, who would do something like that?

And now the vibrate does not work?

Trust me I do the battery pull every day, when I switch the batteries from my phone to my wife's phone for charging.

I am not saying it is not a good phone, and I may get another one, but I think that it has about 2 year lifespan.

Is that tough to comprehend?
Nope. Is it tough to comprehend that your case is not the norm, but rather the exception?

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