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Originally Posted by keano View Post
I am not saying it is not a good phone, and I may get another one, but I think that it has about 2 year lifespan.

Is that tough to comprehend?
Keano, a question: how long, in your opinion, should a phone last? I can't imagine buying a phone and expecting it to last longer than 2 years.

Yes, they cost as much as some laptops these days, but they're also in almost constant daily use for some people, and therefore take a lot more abuse. I mean, just in the last 6 months my 8330 has: been dropped multiple times, gotten water dumped on it, been smeared all over with peanut butter, been in the dog's mouth, been in a steamy bathroom many times, been slept on and been stepped on. Not to mention I've used it daily as a phone, messenger, music player, alarm clock, gaming device, etc.

Apart from a few scratches, it's still running strong.

If I get 2 years out of my phone before I need to replace it, I will be a very happy camper.