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Originally Posted by kathrynhr View Post
Keano, a question: how long, in your opinion, should a phone last? I can't imagine buying a phone and expecting it to last longer than 2 years.

Yes, they cost as much as some laptops these days, but they're also in almost constant daily use for some people, and therefore take a lot more abuse. I mean, just in the last 6 months my 8330 has: been dropped multiple times, gotten water dumped on it, been smeared all over with peanut butter, been in the dog's mouth, been in a steamy bathroom many times, been slept on and been stepped on. Not to mention I've used it daily as a phone, messenger, music player, alarm clock, gaming device, etc.

Apart from a few scratches, it's still running strong.

If I get 2 years out of my phone before I need to replace it, I will be a very happy camper.
Well, I am just disappointed how everything seems to be falling apart. Sure they get a heavy usage and abuse, but still. Why would the vibrate stopped working? Why my left convenience button is not working, why the camera is not working, and let's not get into the trackball.

I just wanted to gauge if other people have similar problems.

I think the phone as a device should work 3-4 years without a problem. I understand if let's say one thing brakes, or physical damage is done to the phone and the screen brakes, water damage, etc, but just things braking on its own.