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Originally Posted by jsconyers View Post
Also, a little gratitude towards the moderators and members here that volunteer their time to help others (including Jeff) wouldn't hurt either.
So many people just don't think outside their own little boxes enough to realize that this site, like so many others, is free, voluntarily supported, and not owned by the developer/manufacturer of the target products. There is an assumption that because these sites exist, they must provide high quality, free tech support, despite that tech support is so often paid for these days. When people help here (and at other similar sites), they do so of their own free will, offering their time and expert knowledge (usually) with no expectation of compensation, save perhaps for a thank you every now and again.

As the owner of Lightroom Forums, I see this some (although we have taken great strides to maintain a civil tone by quickly squashing angry posts), and this thread reminds me of the time I was blasted at my own site for having an opinion! Wow... I didn't realize that because I created a tech support site with my own money and time that I was therefore prohibited from sharing my opinion!

And while I'm standing on my soapbox, let me also take a moment to get this off my chest (and I'm speaking generally, not to anyone in particular here): using the title "HELP ME NOW I AM HAVING ISSUES - EMERGENCY" or something similar in no way makes your problems my priority. There are two primary reasons people come here: for open discussion, and for help. Your emergency isn't any more important that anyone else's emergency, so stop pretending that your life is coming to an end if everyone doesn't drop what they're doing just to focus on you.

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