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First of all, thank you very much for the very fast replies.

Originally Posted by dankarlinski View Post
Wirelessly posted (White and Nerdy)

Are you trying it at school? A lot of schools make you log in with a password and stuff. Sometimes it doesn't work very well with the berry
No I tried it at home, and by some other people. It don't make any difference.

do you have the appropriate service books?

Options>Advanced>Service Book (should be simple to spot as they should be labeled "wifi".)
I see the Wi-Fi TCP/IP Browser (BrowerserCon..)
and Wi-Fi TCP/IP Transport (WPTCP)

and both recordtypes are 'active'.

You will never get a green tick if you don't have a Blackberry Data Plan. The green tick means that the Blackberry is accessing the BIS (or BES) server via Wi-Fi.

Without a Blackberry Data Plan you have to use applications that are Wi-Fi aware and don't need BIS access. You should be able to use the Hotspot Browser though apparently some devices are shipped without the necessary service records for the Hotspot Browser

Why should you take the Blackberry Data Plan on your accout? Because it is far less frustrating using the device that way. The price of saving some money is doing extra work.
Hmm I didn't expect this answer. That means like, if you don't have the Blackberry Data Plan, you don't have the possibility to use a Wi-Fi network on a normal way? What my expectations where about the Blackberry (with Wi-Fi) was, that you can use it always and anywhere, like the same way as notebooks/laptops works.

I'll try the hotspotbrowser (Advanced options --> Browser --> Hotspotbrowser) instead of the 'normal' mobile internet browser. Hope that it will work.

But when you've a Blackberry Data Plan, you can use the WiFi if you're in another country then your own? Cause thats an important thing for me too.

Pf, didn't expect that it would be so much work to use the internet on your phone, think Ill go to the shop tomorrow where I bought him, and if they can't help me I'll take the blackberry data plan cause this makes me really feel irritated..

Thank you very much again for the fast replies

With kind regards,
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