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Originally Posted by DennisR89 View Post

Hmm I didn't expect this answer. That means like, if you don't have the Blackberry Data Plan, you don't have the possibility to use a Wi-Fi network on a normal way? What my expectations where about the Blackberry (with Wi-Fi) was, that you can use it always and anywhere, like the same way as notebooks/laptops works.
Using a Blackberry with a Blackberry Data Plan IS the normal way of using it. You can use it anyway, you just need to use the right tools. Many aren't written to worry about how they are connecting because the RIM infrastructure (that you pay for with your Blackberry Data Plan subscription) takes care of that. With out that infrastructure, connection is more complex, more work for the developer. Some choose not to support that mode. RIM only does with the Hotspot Browser.

But when you've a Blackberry Data Plan, you can use the WiFi if you're in another country then your own? Cause thats an important thing for me too.
Should do, lots of people operate in that mode when abroad, search around for their posts. This is one of the cases that the RIM infrastructure is designed to deal with, but it is optimized to get your data through, not minimizing cost. If you want to keep costs down then you need to learn how the system works and optimize it for your needs.

Pf, didn't expect that it would be so much work to use the internet on your phone, think Ill go to the shop tomorrow where I bought him, and if they can't help me I'll take the blackberry data plan cause this makes me really feel irritated..
It isn't any more work for me to use Wi-Fi for ALL my data (push email, web, PIN-to-PIN, BES, IM, etc...) than to connect to a Hotspot because I have a Blackberry Data Plan.

If you don't want to take advantages of the RIM infrastructure, and ease of connection is important to you then an iPhone, or more probably an Android based phone may be a better choice.
My other Blackberry is a PlayBook.
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