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Lightbulb Verizon FIOS Remote DVR can run on 8900 too!!!

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(to all who use Crackberry as well as this fine forum, my apologies for double-posting -- I wanted to be sure that 8900 owners saw this whether here or there)

I use Verizon FIOS for my home Internet connection, TV and one of my phone lines. Fantastic service overall, and I was excited several weeks back to see that they were rolling out the "Remote DVR" application for use on Blackberry's. Excited, that is, until it became clear that they were only releasing the app for Blackberry models featured by Verizon Wireless. I use T-Mobile for my mobile service, and was disappointed to see that there is NOT a version of the FIOS Remote DVR app available for my 8900.

Verizon's site essentially says, "sorry -- try again later to see if we support your device", and goes on to tell me that I can use the mobile web site instead to manage remote DVR functions.

Never being one to accept defeat so lightly, I checked back at Verizon's site a couple of times, hoping to fine a version for the 8900. No such luck. BUT...having recently loaded a bunch of 9630/Tour themes on my 8900, I wondered if the only difference between Remote DVR app versions was the screen layout, and if the Tour version would work on my 8900...

I tried the Verizon page one more time, and it clearly refused to let me navigate to the JAD to even try out my theory. So I did a bit of googling, and found that another user had posted a direct link to the JAD for the Tour. I popped that into my Blackberry Browser, downloaded (it was slow - with a lot of pauses) and installed it on my 8900...and ran it.

The program started up properly, noted that I had to register my remote device (Blackberry) with Verizon, based on my existing FIOS account credentials. I did so, was provided with a code to authorize the Blackberry to access my FIOS account, and I was in!

Having the same screen layout as the Tour, my 8900 operates the program perfectly -- and I'm running this, btw, on OS

Long story short: the Tour version of the FIOS Remote DVR app runs perfectly on an 8900. Remember: this is ONLY applicable to you if you have a Verizon FIOS TV account at home, and are renting one or more DVR's from Verizon for the service.

For anyone else who finds themselves in my shoes, e.g., Verizon FIOS customer with a Blackberry 8900, here's the link to use to download the JAD directly to your 8900:

(EDIT: corrected link to JAD)

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