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Angry 8330 - H390 Headset will not work in my house.

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I'm new to the community, but have had my BB (8330) for some time now. I will be greatly appreciative if I get the help I need in here.

1. I just recently bought a bluetooth headset: Motorola H390

2. It is charged, and paired.

3. If I'm standing outside, it works fine.

4. If I'm in my home, it does not work fine. Very anti-fine actually.

While sitting on my couch it struggles to stay connected, will whimsically disconnect the call, and in the fleeting moments where it does retain a connection will produce wild sounding audio distortions. It will modulate the audio so badly it actually sounds like a bad robotic voice filter, until ultimately ... the headset disengages the call and I become apoplectic.


A. My home's WiFi signal is somehow interfering with the bluetooth exchange.

B. My iMac computer's native bluetooth capabilities is somehow interfering.

C. This headset (number 2, because I thought the first one MUST be faulty and returned it) is a piece of sh*t and I should go back to holding the phone to my ear like a dope, or using monkey wire and ear-buds like an 13 year old iPod enthusiast .


If my WiFi is causing the problem then I will be really unhappy, as obviously a good amount of talking happens at home. If my Mac's bluetooth is causing the problem, that sucks! Why should this little headset trump my Mac? And I have trouble making sense of that theory anyway. If other bluetooth transmitters and receivers in close proximity to each other cause this significant of disturbances how do people standing next to each other in line at 7-Eleven keep their connectivity?!

I bow to the wisdom of the collective ...

Thank you in advance,
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